3-Months Apprenticeship Program

Since the beginning of my yoga journey, i have been thinking how to motivate more people to practice yoga daily. Practicing 2 – 3 times a week can be beneficial for everyone, but in order to understand the real power of yoga, you need to practice everyday.

I am proud to tell, that i have already managed to inspire few of my friends and students to practice every day. But more  than that needs to be done.

Thinking about those of you, who can not afford paying monthly fees at the yoga studios, i decided to give you a chance to practice @AMB FOR FREE.


This 3-Months Apprenticeship Program is dedicated to those of you living in Berlin whose brutto income is lower than 800 EUR / month. I expect you to be dedicated and consequent in your practice. No previous experience is necessary, but if you practiced yoga before, it might be easier for you to introduce it to your daily routine.


You can practice for three consecutive months for free. If there are any places left, I will offer you reduced price for workshops @AMB or invite you to come and practice without any fees.


I expect you to practice every day Monday – Friday with no exception. If there are regular Sunday mysore classes @AMB, I will also ask you to attend them at least 2-3 times a month. If you get sick, i will ask you to bring a sick leave from your doctor. I hope there would be no random incidents making you miss the class. If you know that you are getting sick often (more than once or twice a year) or having other health / personal issues, this Apprenticeship Program might be not good for you.

Important: If you happen to break the rules by missing the classes or coming late you will be excluded from the Program and we will ask you to pay for the classes that you attended, which would be 100 EUR (unlimited pass) for every month of your practice.

Additional tasks:

As an apprentice, you will be asked to help us by taking care of the shala (small daily cleaning tasks in necessary) and support us with other small jobs.


To apply please send us a letter of intention (marta@ashtangamysore.de)

If you haven’t practiced @AMB before, it might be a good idea for you to come and give it a try. Otherwise I will invite you for a small tête-à-tête, as i prefer to know all the applicants personally, before making any decision.

Current apprentice:

Pascal Myrahong (September – November 2016)

Previous apprentice:

Beate Sabine Schulz (July – September 2016)


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