Wednesday and Sunday 6:00p.m. – Guided 1/2 Primary Series

Those of you, who already started their adventure with Ashtanga Yoga are welcome to join the 1/2 Primary Series Led Classes (Level 2-3). While a previous experience with yoga is recommended, it is not necessary to know perfectly the sequence of Ashtanga.

What is a led class:

In the Led Class, teacher announces the postures and counts the ‘breaths’ which helps students to adjust the peace of their practice to the standard Vinyasa count. Led class is a great opportunity to check your endurance, memorize the asana sequence and learn the names of the postures.

During this class you will be guided through the first half of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga (until Navasana) and the postures of the closing sequence.  If you have been practicing Primary Series for a while, you might think that this class is too easy for you. Nothing more wrong. As we put a lot of attention on the alignment and proper breathing pattern, you will be probably holding the postures longer than in your daily Mysore practice.

Vinyasa, which is the linking of body movement with the breath, was according to Sri T. Krishnamacharya, the father of yoga as we know it today, the most important part of the asana practice:

“Just as music without proper pitch (sruti) and rhythm (laya) will not give happiness, yogasana practice without the observance of vinyasas will not give health. “

Please bring your mat and a small towel. If you have no mat you can borrow one from the Shala. Drink some water before the class as no drinks are allowed during the practice.