Marta Magdalena (Owner and Teacher)

Born in 1986 in Poland, i had my first encounter with Yoga at the age of 16. Driven by curiosity, I attended my first Yoga class at the fitness studio. Struggling with psycho-somatic illness and severe back pains at the time, I got completely enchanted by the calmness of the practice and the opportunity of connecting with oneself and facing the problems that i was not even able to name before. It was a Iyengar Yoga Method as I learned after and i had been practicing it for the following 8 years. In early 2008 one of my teachers convinced me to attend a led class of Ashtanga Yoga. Even completely overwhelmed by the intensity of the practice, I decided not to give up and continued for the next year.

In 2009 during my stay in Germany, I had a chance to attend my first Mysore Class of Ashtanga Yoga and to understand the real method of this practice. After numerous trips to India and dozens of workshops I took, I decided to dedicate my life to pursue the path of Ashtanga Yoga which I have been consequently doing since 2011. In January 2015, after my first trip to Mysore, i founded AMB to share the message by offering the daily classes of asana practice.

The most important lesson that practice of Ashtanga method gave me is that our limitations and pain are born in the mind therefore the healing of the body is strongly connected with the healing of the mind.

I am very grateful for both being a student and a teacher of Yoga. I try to implement the rules of Yoga into my daily life and to pass on my students the knowledge and the inspiration that I owe to my great teachers, who are among others: Sharath Jois, Matthew Vollmer, Kino Macgregor and Tim Feldmann.

email: marta@ashtangamysore.de      instagram: @ashtangaberlin     fb: Marta Magdalena

twitter: @AshtangaBerlin

privateyogaberlin-katharinaKatharina Fengler (Teacher)

Without knowing anything about various Yoga styles, tradition nor lineage, I attended my first Hatha Yoga class in Berlin, 2001. Despite having a strong attraction towards this practice, I did not pursue this path until 2009, when I was slowly lured back into Yoga.

In 2011, with severe chronic shoulder pain, I started to sign up for every Jivamukti class I was able to attend at that time. There I learned that the Jivamukti style was derived from a style called Ashtanga Yoga, and eager to learn more I registered for a Kino MacGregor workshop. Fascinated by the strong focus, effortlessness and peace I saw in advanced practitioners, I switched to an Ashtanga practice in the beginning of 2013 at the age of 33.

I’m grateful to all my teachers I’ve met on this way so far. I’ve attended workshops by Kino MacGregor, Manju Jois, Anna Rossow and Max Czenszak. In March 2015 I graduated a 200h Ashtanga based teacher training. For most of 2016 I’ve been a regular student of Matthew Vollmer, currently I practice under the guidance of Marta Magdalena. My biggest wish is to practice in Mysore as soon as life circumstances and registration allow it.

email: info@yoga.katharina.in    instagram: @privateyogaberlin    fb: privateyogaberlin

tom-austin-ashtangaTom Austin (Teacher)

In 2007 a friend invited me to my first Ashtanga yoga class. I was told the best way to experience yoga was to practice 6 days per week even if it was only a small amount. From that moment I was hooked. I went to classes every week and slowly I started to understand the effect the practice was having on me.

A few years later I was introduced to John Scott and Matthew Vollmer who I continue to study with. I also travelled to Mysore, India, to practice with Sharath and have learnt with many other teachers and each of them have contributed to my yoga journey in different ways, with alternative perspectives on the method. They encouraged me to create my own path and to find my own limits.

In 2013 I was invited to teach my first workshop in Brazil. By then I had an established self practice and had decided to do a teacher training with John and Lucy Scott. The training helped me to better understand the responsibilities of a teacher, to get a deeper insight of yoga philosophy and better knowledge of the body. It’s important for me to note that I do not feel a teacher training alone makes a good teacher; for me the greatest lesson as a teacher is through the practice of yoga.

I continue to practice because I love to connect with my breath, my body and my mind. It allows me to feel a profound connection to life. I am forever learning and everyday continues to offer new experiences on my yoga mat. As a teacher I like to hold a space for people to develop their own yoga practice, so that they can discover their own beliefs and connection to life.

web: tomaustinyoga    email:contact@tomaustinyoga.com