Office Yoga


Corporate Yoga is being embraced by more and more big and small and businesses around the world. Companies are learning to offer Yoga classes to their employees to maintain physical and mental health, keep stress levels to a minimum, and productivity levels to a maximum.

Coming across the needs of modern word and fast growing businesses and startup scene in Berlin I offer high quality business yoga including breathing and meditation sessions in different pace and levels of advancement – all at your workplace.

Yoga after or during work

You can choose between 90 minutes classes once or twice a week afer work, or several shorter sessions weekly during your lunchbreak. We can also  plan together a ‘Yoga Week’ at your office, with daily classes of yoga and meditation.

Yoga for special events

You are organizing a special company event or project? Or maybe planning an integration camp away from the city? We can schedule one to several yoga classes taylored to the needs of your company.

Private yoga classes

You don’t have time to join the yoga studio and prefer to practice in your own four walls? No problem. We can always find time slot suitable for both of us and work together on your physical development.

Download my offer here: office-yoga-with-marta